Comfort Yourself

By: - January 20, 2021

I keep finding myself engaged in conversations with people who support the Democrat Party.  They try over and over to convince me that the “socialism” of today’s Democrats has no resemblance to that of what came into being in Germany in the 1930s.  The argument they use focuses on “racial purity”, “solid work ethic”, and a number of other facets of the Nazi ideology as opposed to today’s “core values” within the Democrat Party.  Then they say, the Nazi Party of Germany was on the “right” and today’s Democrat Party is on the “left.”

My purpose is not to provide an in-depth lesson in history, but the strong parties in Germany during the early 1930s were the Communists and the National Socialists.  Antifa were communists.  There really was not much difference ideologically between any of those political parties, other than the names of their leaders.  What allowed Hitler to stand out, was he understood and used tactics that resonated in that region, at that time period.  His strategy was to get the majority of German society to willingly allow themselves to be subjugated under Nazi domination.  The most openly visible tactic was the use of the large percentage of German society’s mistrust of the Jewish community and their involvement in the financial institutions.  The Nazis claimed that they would protect the German people from the evils that were being inflicted upon them by the Jewish population.

Today’s Democrat Party understands the use of tactics to bring forth their desired results.  In this country they have used their tactics with Covid-19, the black communities’ mistrust of police, and chronic poverty (which their policies cause) to play on the emotions of the American population.  These are the tactics that work in this region, at this time.  The American population has little understanding of pathogens; therefore, the emotion of fear dominates their thought process making them persuadable and willing to follow un-constitutional mandates, such as lock-downs.  Over and over the media displays negative images of black men in interactions with law enforcement, giving the appearance such situations are the norm rather than the exception, fomenting additional hatred.  The Democrat Party uses this to promote civil unrest that they justify as a moral “awakening.”  They promote the policies of “the Great Society” that expands poverty by trapping people into a welfare system.  Then they blame the poverty on some grand plan of “systemic racism” by an unknown, unseen group of white males.   By using these tactics, the Democrat Party has been able to secure much of the American population who are willing to subjugate themselves under totalitarian control.

What we see now in the modern United States of America is that civil liberties have been suspended, there is a strangle-hold on the media who for the most part are reporting the party line, mass censorship has begun, and there are Democrat members of Congress calling for the forming of a national secret police force to conduct investigations on American citizens.   So, comfort yourself with the belief that since the tactics being used are not exactly the same (I have not heard Democrats blaming the Jewish community, yet) as those used in Nazi Germany, the strategy must be different.  The world of denial can be a very pleasant place to exist.  The truth is that the strategy is the same: get most of the population to be willing to subjugate themselves under the control of a totalitarian government.