How You Can Help Restore American Culture

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Culture, as G.K. Chesterton said, is “the art of growing things.” Here at Intellectual Takeout, we’re doing our part to grow a healthy and vibrant American culture founded on the restoration of faith, family, and community.

How are we doing that?

  • We’re growing our readership, with an emphasis on a younger audience who is too often led astray by progressive ideology and a corrupted education system.
  • We’re producing video content to expand our reach and embrace the most popular form of media today.
  • We’re promoting conservative voices that are often drowned out by the mainstream media.
  • We’re stimulating rational, level-headed discussions that aim to bring people together, rather than further dividing an already polarized nation.
  • We’re nurturing a healthy critique of leftist media, exposing the roots of rotten ideas, rather than just getting stuck in the muck of mere emotional diatribes.

But we need your help to continue growing. We need your help to fulfill our mission to awaken people by exposing them to the ideas central to our civilization, the ideas that built the West in the first place. Your support will enable us to invest in ensuring those ideas survive and flourish in America today.

Let’s be honest: America is in crisis. Like the cultivation of crops, true culture grows slowly over time and must be cared for and fostered, but it can be wiped out in an instant. One great storm or many years of neglect can devastate it. And some things, once lost, are irreplaceable. This, we fear, is what is happening to Western societies: Through a combination of both storms and neglect, the treasures of traditional Western civilization are withering before our eyes. Many Americans have been deprived of their cultural heritage. Future generations will have even less of it than we do, unless we act now.

By casting aside the stereotypes, rising above the hatred and division, and presenting a positive alternative vision for the future, based on timeless truths and peaceful principles, ITO plans to be a leader in a new conservative media movement. You can be a part of Intellectual Takeout’s new chapter—and this new chapter of conservative media—by giving today.

Thank you for your time and attention. Your continued readership and support are what makes all of this possible.

-Walker Larson