I Have a Hypothesis

Actually, I have several hypotheses.  The first being, the American scientific and medical communities are morally and ethically corrupt in regard to what they truly understand and are presenting to the public about COVID-19.  I have always hated the idea of basing my judgments of why people do what they do on simplistic motivations, but I have come to believe the manner those two communities (in general) are behaving is all about money.  It seems that they have allowed the political class in this nation to determine the scientific and medical “facts” in relation to COVID-19.  With COVID-19, the getting is really good these days for the large welfare pile of high and deep (Ph.D.) research organizations.  Why come out and tell the truth, when they can continue to gorge themselves off the fatted cow that is the American taxpayer?  If they keep the fear mongering going, the money will continue to flow their way.

My second hypothesis is that the American population as a whole has allowed fear to overcome any desire for knowledge or understanding and to destroy their ability to intellectually understand the situation.  The population keeps listening to the calls for face masks, vaccines, lock downs, and every other whimsical action that will supposedly stem the spread of this virus.  However, they keep ignoring that none of those things have stopped anything.  How could those things possibly work?  The size of this virus, sub-micron, allows it to move past any face mask (unless a person is in some sort of space suit) and travel through ventilation systems.  Because we have 330 million mouths to feed in this county, international and interstate commerce has to continue, which brings the virus everywhere.  The vaccines target select protein sequences, the virus mutates its sequences in the blink of an eye, we are seeing this with the “Delta” and whatever the names will be for the ones that are coming soon (get your next booster shot, ha).  I have come to believe that the hope of the vaccine zealots is that your immune system will never build the needed antibodies to fight the virus.  That way, you will require booster shots until the end of time.  That strategy seems to be working well.

My third hypothesis is that over 90 percent of the U.S. population has been exposed to the virus; the vaccines and other “counter measures” are doing little besides making some people very wealthy.  I think to keep the American population from understanding this, they continue to support the wrong sort of COVID-19 testing.  It seems to me, we should be testing the American population for COVID-19 antibodies, which would tell us who has been exposed and has overcome the virus.

The U.S. Government is doing that very testing in other animal species and finding out that this virus is at best what could be described as rampant.  It is interesting that the animals being tested do not go shopping at supermarkets, hold mass super spreader events, sit in classrooms, or do any of the other things that supposedly spread the virus – they are never in buildings.  Additionally, they are not displaying COVID-19 illness symptoms.  Let us look at one example, the American deer population.

According to the article, the deer in the state in which I reside are testing positive with COVID-19 antibodies at a rate of 67 percent.  From my perspective, I am led to believe that this virus spreads like wildfire everywhere, no matter what we do.  I have an idea: how about we demand that our federal government start testing to see what percentage of the American population have those antibodies.  That would be one of the key sets of information needed to bring about an end to the present fraud that is being spoon-fed to the public.

There is a small percentage of the scientific and medical communities trying to bring forth the truth.  We must support them in their endeavors to present the facts concerning COVID-19 to the American public.   If we find that my hypotheses are correct, perhaps we can force the rest of the scientific and medical communities to start telling the truth.