The Death and Revival of ‘Americana’ Culture

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The modern DNC has been an enabler and apologist for any behavior that is found to be abhorrent to those with traditional American values

Before all of the Deep State wiretapping controversies and the WikiLeaks ‘Vault 7’ revelations of the CIA’s nefarious activities, I was caught by surprise during President Trump’s Joint Congressional Speech. To highlight the reason for my surprise, I want to call upon the fact that the President’s friendly words for police captured mostly bi-partisan support that night. It was there that the modern Democratic party made a rare foray into a public display of centrism by supporting the police in a setting where it would appear to be tasteless and bad politics to do otherwise.

With that being said, don’t get used to it. In reality, the culture that has developed within this party is anything but supportive of police, but rather supportive of the police-state instead. This particular con job on behalf of leftist members of Congress at the address is a microcosm of the larger pattern of subversive behavior exhibited by the modern DNC. Unfortunately, when the new Democrats momentarily appear reasonable, there is always more than meets the eye.

If you feel the way I do, it’s probably because you’ve paid attention to the Obama-era Democratic party as it took us down a path of normalizing the disrespecting of not only police officers (with the “hands up don’t shoot” lie and other antics), but also the military with the condoning of flag burning, and ultimately United States culture and ethos by increasingly reframing it negatively as “white” or “male” privileged. Basically, the modern DNC has been an enabler and apologist for any behavior that is found to be abhorrent to those with traditional American values. Over the course of the past eight years, Americana culture, American exceptionalism, and American patriotism flat-lined. While American culture and pride is now receiving revival shocks under President Trump’s defibrillator paddles, it is important to keep in mind that the opposition is as dangerous as ever.

Behind the façade of a party playing nice during the Joint Congressional Speech, this is a DNC that came so very close to making Minnesota’s 5th District Democrat Representative, Keith Ellison, their head honcho—despite the fact that he once called for a segregated “blacks only” nation on American soil paid for in reparation money from whites. Yes, a front-runner for the most coveted position in the DNC was a man who made a name for himself politically by having a public position that the US Constitution is the “best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.” Americana is dead and its memory is forgotten in Ellison’s ideal future.

While the outright selection of Ellison as chair hasn’t come to fruition for a party trying to come to terms with the fact that it got its clock cleaned in the 2016 election, it became glaringly obvious that the radical majority of the Democratic party was still firmly in control with its selection of former Obama administration Labor Secretary Tom Perez. In all actuality, with the selection of Perez, Democrats have put their party’s future on the same track as it would have been on had they gone with Keith Ellison, as the two are birds of a feather. This fact was solidified in stone when, upon becoming the DNC chair, Perez immediately created the symbolic position of deputy chair especially for Ellison. To make sure the message was loud and clear, he even went on record to say he wants to make Ellison “the face of the Democratic party.”

So in 2017, we have a newly crowned DNC chair connected to La Raza (The Race)—an organization that has been accused of supporting Reconquista, or the returning of the seven southwestern American states to Mexico that were lost in the Mexican-American War in 1848. The “hand of the king” is a race-baiting anti-Semite who once blamed 9/11 on Israel and knowingly accepted $50,000 from radical Islamic clerics who have openly supported Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood. It’s obvious that the vast majority of them have no intention to start compromising for the good of the American people, but even if the Democrats wanted to, they couldn’t. They’ve dug in too deep. How did it come to this?

For one, Blue Dog Democrats like Jim Webb have been on the endangered species list, and have not had a voice or place in their party since President Bush won the White House for the Republicans in 2000. I couldn’t believe how out of place this man was standing on a podium with Sanders, Clinton, and O’Malley trying to out-liberal one another. I sat there stunned, wondering how someone like Webb could call himself a Democrat any more than a pit bull could call itself a wolf.

It took eight years for the Obama White House to concentrate American government in a hard-left echo chamber and ferment it into the most radically left American political machine ever seen, and it was done with the assistance of the mainstream media pouring Miracle-Gro on the human grievance industry populated by Black Lives Matter, CAIR, and countless other “us versus them” groups. With the Trump administration working feverishly not only to slow the momentum, but to blow the train off its tracks, it is no wonder people as extreme as Perez and Ellison have been chosen to wear a conductor’s hat and go full speed ahead. After all, Jeremiah Wright’s loving message of “God Damn America!” has been the “hope and change” the former president promised—and the mission has yet to be finished.

In a post-WikiLeaks world, we know that the Democratic party does not play fair. And really, neither do the Republicans. But we also know that the CIA has been purposely developing technologies capable of reaching levels of Orwellian totalitarianism. Assuming the leaked documents are authentic, we now know that the CIA developed cyber weapons that could execute false-flag attacks on our nation and frame another country as the culprit during a time when Democrats are relentlessly trying to sabotage Trump’s plans for America by tying his presidency to “Russia’s evil plans.” This is the same CIA that has been well-documented in its “investigation” of the Donald Trump outfit’s ties to Russia along with six other Obama administration government agencies since June of 2016. These are not conspiracy theories. These are earth-shattering revelations brought to light by actual CIA documents. The absurd viral videos of social justice warriors throwing temper tantrums actually would be somewhat merited if they were in response to something as grotesque as this.

We are living through times where the world is becoming more and more surreal. The revelations we are witnessing are truly astounding but equally disturbing. With the hindsight of the past eight years to reflect on and the continued unveiling of what’s been lurking behind the curtain, it is of no surprise that two sides are being more distinctly drawn. With all of this occurring on our former president’s watch at the behest of the agencies under his oversight, it is telling to this American that the people he gives his staunch support to—like Keith Ellison and Tom Perez—should never be in positions of power within our government. I have never felt more confident that I am on the right side of history by opposing them.

T.B. Lefever is an OpsLens Contributor and active police officer in the Metro-Atlanta area. Throughout his career, Lefever has served as a SWAT Hostage Negotiator, a member of the Crime Suppression Unit, a School Resource Officer, and a Uniformed Patrol Officer. He has a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Rutgers University.

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