The Feng Shui’ing of America: Living Well, American Style

By: - June 23, 2021

Feng Shui is correctly pronounced ‘fung shway.’  There are as many definitions of this ancient art as there are people.  But what’s really important is what it does:  Feng Shui is designed to create a path to live abundantly, successfully, and happily in all aspects of life. It’s about elevating one’s attitude and environment:  people and things.

What’s happening in America now is the opposite of Feng Shui:   The ultra-loud, ultra-‘liberal’ screams for no rules, no laws, and no personal responsibilities — a false, fake utopia for those empty of positive energy.  It’s no wonder that supporters of this philosophy seem angry and miserable all the time – they have lost all the joy of living in peaceful coexistence with humanity.

In contrast, the ‘conservative,’ traditional Feng Shui lifestyle focuses on both personal AND collective abundance, prosperity, love, family, spirituality, goals, health, responsibility WITH accountability, beauty, peace, success and …lots of joy.

This is the choice:  how do you choose to spend your life?

Enter Feng Shui.

Feng Shui encourages internal and external positive changes in nine life aspects.  Internal is one’s attitude and outlook – this can be challenging.  External change includes one’s physical environment and is usually easier and more fun.  The nine life aspects are:  prosperity, family fame/reputation, love/relationships, creativity, health, knowledge, career, and helpful people.

The Internal Work:  Change from the Inside (you).

As a lover of oceans, seas, and bays, I conjured up the acronym ‘TIDAL,’ to stand for: Thoughts, Intentions, Determination, Actions, and Language.

T:  replace negative with positive, success-oriented Thoughts;

I:  define the Intended goal and proposed steps to achieve it;

D: stay Determined to achieve the goal; keep moving forward.

A: resist eternal reading, thinking, studying — Actions lead to success.

L: use strong, positive active Language:  Speak words of action, not wishes.  Eliminate vulgarity.  It’s so NOT living well.

Other internal considerations are:

  • The company we keep (those with whom we regularly associate); (b) our choices of music, TV, and attire – all illuminate who we really are. First impressions are lasting.  Deceit cannot be hidden forever.  Fortunately, nor can a positive attitude and a successful, joy-filled life.

The External Work:  Change the Environment.

Physical Feng Shui changes can be made to almost any environment:  home, apartment, office. The entire area is divided into nine segments, in a tic-tac-toe board-like configuration, each representing one of the nine life aspects.  ‘Cures’ (items added, deleted, or moved) are then applied to the area(s) in need of improvement. What really happens here is that the person’s attention laser focuses, not so much on the actual physical change, but on how those changes affect the person’s thoughts, intentions, determination, actions, language (TIDAL).  It’s not magic, but it IS magick (attitude in action).


Living well is a choice – a mindset that begins internally and then spreads outward, in beautiful waves. One person’s change will spread outward, to friends, family, and on.  Feng Shui is one path to begin a reversal to an elegant, refined, strong individual and country.   Living well, successfully, happily, abundantly IS America.  We were made for this!