His Divine Esoteric Understanding

By: - April 12, 2021

It has been over two months since the “Secretary of Defense” Lloyd J. Austin III issued his “stand-down” in order to identify and take down the “extremism” within the ranks of the United States Department of Defense.  To state it clearly, the “white supremacist extremism”, because everyone in the world knows how deeply rooted this “systemic” problem is within our military.  It is such a horrific vile cancer that its importance far outweighs the Chinese military build-up that threatens Japan and Taiwan, the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the ongoing issues of the Mideast region that affect the stability of the entire world, the isolationism of North Korea that will lead to nothing good, and the many other conflicts over territory and resources across the globe.

I have been scanning the major mainstream media outlets looking for the banner headlines for the articles and other journalist master pieces explaining the results of the Secretary of Defense’s modern day Spanish Inquisition.  You can imagine my shock when I did not see the following:

DOD Investigators Thwart Army Rangers’ Plot to Reenact French Revolution by Baking Cakes

Marine Corps General is Exposed as Grand Poobah of Vast Right-Wing Cabal Seeking to Train Military Dogs Using the English Language

Proof Presented of Young Navy Officer’s Racism: He Married the Only Woman He Has Dated, She is Blond with Blue Eyes

Yes, what I am saying is total nonsense, just as the “stand-down” is or was.  Lloyd J. Austin III is an embarrassment to the Department of Defense and the United States of America.  This is not because he is incompetent, but because he has allowed himself to be used by the Biden administration as a political hack.  He knows full well that the vast majority of American service men and women only see the color and the emblems on their fellow members’ uniforms.  They are there because they have pride in their country and themselves.  The only thing Secretary Austin will achieve with his political theatrics is the harmful diminishing of the esprit de corps within the ranks of our armed services.

My guess is that soon he will send out the other political hack, John Kirby (weasel) to declare some great progress and victory from the snipe hunt.  The mainstream media will parade their talking head pundits who will coo and purr about the greatness of Mr. Secretary and his divine esoteric understanding by which he gave his orders.  The anchors at CNN (Communist News Network) will get tingling and other euphoric feelings running down their legs.  As with all things concerning this modern-day McCarthyism variant, nothing tangible will be put forth or quantified.  However, the nation as a whole, will have been greatly weakened.