No Respect

The media’s talking heads and pundits will pontificate for hours on end how the past twenty years have led to the Biden failure in Afghanistan.  They will come up with all sorts of clever hypotheses, based on anecdotal examples of missteps throughout the years in order to try explain why the situation is not Biden’s fault.

There will be the claim that the military forces of the former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan lacked the will to fight on their own.  Factual statements will be made explaining the large amounts of time, effort, and money that had been spent by the militaries of the United States of America and allied nations in an attempt to prepare the Afghan military forces for the day when they would have to carry most of fight on their own.   However, this has nothing to do with the real reason the Afghan forces collapsed.

Other pundits will attempt to address “diplomatic” inadequacies over the years.  They will talk about how the American attempts at “nation” building has led to many such disastrous situations.  As have already begun, they will point to places, such as Vietnam.  However, they will ignore the success stories of Poland and many of the former Soviet Bloc nations.  The truth is that the diplomatic efforts, including those undertaken by the Trump administration, have nothing to with the real reason the Afghan forces collapsed.

The reason the military forces of the former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan collapsed is because they, along with the fighters of the Taliban, as well as all the people of the country of Afghanistan have no respect for Joe Biden, his Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the majority of the present upper command of the U.S. Department of Defense, and Department of State with its “inclusion of diversity” rather than ability.  The people of Afghanistan realized the instant Joe Biden was elected President of the United States that their fate had been sealed.  Rather than prolong the agony and civilian bloodshed, that would have to be endured by everyone in that country, including members of their families, the Afghan forces have attempted to end the fighting in the hope that the Taliban will be merciful.

The President lacks the intellect and intestinal fortitude to lead our nation of people who have protected the world’s freedom and liberty over the past century.  His action of deploying the 5,000 or so U.S. troops to act as nothing more than shuttle bus drivers is a clear example of his misunderstanding and incompetence.  American soldiers are trained for the purpose of killing enemies of our nation.

The Taliban’s philosophy of Islam has been greatly emboldened by Joe Biden and his administration’s demonstration of weakness.  As a result, there is a coming war that will be horrific.  The American and world populations need to prepare themselves for the worst of times.